FTA Scientific

Artikelnummer: 26715

FTA Scientific is a convenient and clear structured GUI application to configure, run, display and evaluate GUESS FTA instrument measurements.


  • Single graphic (force-distance diagram) each fruit
  • Summary graphic of all fruits of a measurement series
  • Support for unlimited, configurable measurement evaluations
  • Flexible interface for integration of custom evaluation algorithms (on request)
  • Evaluation of maximum force (i.e. firmness)
  • Evaluation of depth to maximum
  • Advanced evaluations: slope to maximum and slope of total measurement
  • Selectable step resolution: 0.1 mm, 0.01 mm, 0.05 mm
  • Output of evaluated values to Fruitsoft LabDatabase (recommended, see screenshot below) 
  • Option to additionally store instrument raw data (force-distance diagram values) in Fruitsoft LabDatabase
  • Option to store summary data in csv file
  • Integrated FTA instrument setup
  • Single License
  • Requires OS Windows 7, 10